traveler’s - The Route: Phil’s Unfinished Story

“Each day nine people are killed by distracted driving, leaving their stories unfinished. We honor Phil by bringing his unfinished story to life through imaging what could have been.”

This project was incredibly fun to work on and rewarding. I worked on preliminary storyboards, style frames, and character design, and also helped with other design needs throughout the animation. Learn more about the dangers of distracted driving here.
November 2018

Director: Trevor Conrad
Executive Producer: Justin Booth-Clibborn
Producer: Amy Martz
Lead Designers: Tuna Bora,Trevor Conrad
Designers: Edmund Liang, Stephanie Stromenger
Storyboard Artist: Paul Cohen, Armand Serrano
Boardomatic Editor: Rob Cavedo

Production Partner: Nørlum
Creative Lead: Mikkel Mainz
Project Manager: Carla Louro 
Assistant Project Manager: Elena Alexa
Producer: Frederik Villumsen
Layout & Background: Morten Lund
Animation: Mikkel Mainz, Søren Krøjgaard, Corentin Monnier, Stina Willadsen, Stine Dalsgaard, Keld Nissen
Compositing: Christina Brix, Morten Lund
Interns: Nikolas Powell, Kenny Leoncito, Aurora Hansen, Renato Lertora