The WitCHes' Rings


My senior project for the Sequential Art program at SCAD. Spring 2017

Piltzland is a magical mushroom-filled woodland prone to malevolent witches. They perform rituals that leave behind curse-filled mushroom rings called hexrings that cause time to stop in the surrounding, curse filled land. Lene, a fox-bunny and white magic user, heals ailments caused by these rings. She's on a journey to put an end to the witches' mischievous ways and find the source of their sudden increase in power!


Main Characters


Lene is a fox-bunny who uses white magic to protect the creatures of Piltzland and heal the wide variety of ailments caused by hexrings! She’s on mission to end the witches’ wrath while aiding those afflicted by their malevolent pranks.


Best friends with Lene, Moise is a crafty mouse that loves to fix things! She loves working with string, wood, various plants, and other materials to create her inventions and tools. Her favorite work station is a mobile crafting table that holds all of her essential materials.

Lauli the The Guardian

Responsible for keeping the witches' curses under control, Lauli went missing, sealed away by a witch. Her presence alone subdues the power of hexrings throughout the land, but since she's seemingly vanished, black magic has gone out of control, causing more witches to appear. Lene is journeying to find out where Lauli has gone in hopes of saving Piltzland from going evil.


The witches of Piltzland used to be low in number and weak. Since Lauli has been sealed away, a sudden influx of witches is causing chaos! Their rituals are creating hexrings (mushrooms aligned in a circular formation). Anyone who enters them will be cursed and can either gain an ailment or maybe become a witch themselves! Witches carry out witchcraft under a repayment pact given to them upon becoming one. Repayment could be something harmless like consuming a plant or singing, to something more damaging like pulling out a whisker or scratching someone, etc. Failure to fulfill their pact will slowly turn one mad. The only way to stop being a witch is to be blessed by Lauli.


A mysterious and powerful witch responsible for the increase in the witches' power. Her goal isn't inherently evil; she has a few personal grudges influencing her wrath. Her identity is unknown, but she's an older fox-bunny like Lene with a bird mask. Before being a witch, she was much like Lene...Pact: must wear a mask.


Neiko is a mischievous cat-bat witch that cares little for the well being of others. He takes pleasure in using black magic to pull pranks and laugh at the misfortune of others. He carries a charm of teeth with him at all times that amplifies his magic. Pact: can't fly for several hours.


A wolf in sheep's clothing, Knipp is a dangerous witch not to be messed with! This is an example of a witch that neglected to fulfill their contract, and has no concept of reason. Pact: disguise self as a sheep.


sprites & creatures

Sprites are magical, animated creatures based on their surrounding environments. They contribute to the well-being of the land by serving as mini-guardians of the vegetation around them! Usually their magical presence alone can subdue black magic, but not large amounts. Other non magical, unique animals exist throughout. 


Unique Mushrooms in Piltzland